Muslim women this is your

safe space to: discuss personal circumstances easily navigate Islamic wills   fulfil your religious obligation


for Muslim Women

Join a DIY Masterclass to do your Islamic Will

Sacred Islamic Wills  is here to remove the barriers Muslim women have to writing their Islamic Will. We want every Muslim woman, young and old, to fulfil their Islamic duty in an affordable, accessible and easy way. 

Why Sacred Islamic Wills

Sacred Islamic Wills is a unique service specifically aiming to help Muslim women fulfil an important Islamic obligation with utmost urgency.  The Prophet Muhammed ﷺ has said, in the most authoritative muslim transmissions: “It is not permissible for any Muslim who has something to will to stay for two nights without having his Last Will and Testament written and kept ready with him.” 

Don't Delay Fulfilling Your Islamic Obligation

Learn all the important parts of writing an
Islamic Will.

Interactively workshop and write up your will then and there.

Get guidance and feedback on your will and learn about your options.

Walk away with an Islamic Will to keep, empowered to edit, finalise, and sign.

How we compare


$ 250+
  • Spend hours filling in online forms
  • Don't get to speak to someone personally during process
  • Legal centric not Islamic knowledge centric
  • Mystery around Shariah concepts
  • Mystery around Islamic legal terminology
  • Not DIY friendly should you want to amend later
  • Female consultant not guaranteed
  • Higher prices

Sacred Islamic Wills

$ 39
  • Small female only workshop
  • Ideal for first timers!
  • Great for those who need a refresher
  • Demystifying Islamic Will writing & Islamic Inheritance Law
  • Only 2.5 hours with guidance in person by an Islamic Wills expert
  • Be given all the materials to be able to write your own Islamic Will.
  • Learn critical concepts so to be able to know how to amend your will when you need it.
  • Be in a safe women only space
  • Be able to ask questions and learn from your peers
  • Get your Islamic Will to keep, finalise and sign.
50% OFF

Sacred Islamic Wills

1:1 Consultation
$ 110
  • 1:1 session to workshop and discuss your Islamic Will
  • Ideal for those that need greater support
  • Great for those with complex requirements
  • Great for those who want to discuss in a private setting
  • Demystifying Islamic Will writing & Islamic Inheritance Law
  • Have 2 hours to talk with an expert over Zoom
  • Have greater freedom to discuss personal matters
  • Be in a safe women only space
  • Get 1:1 guidance throughout
  • Get your Islamic Will to keep, finalise and sign
40% OFF



Four Steps to Kick-start Your Islamic Obligation

1 Secure your session

Instant booking and payment. 

2 Complete your pre-work

Simple and quick.

3 Turn up to your workshop

We’ll send you how to connect via zoom.

4 Get your draft Islamic Will

Yours to keep,  finalise & sign.

The Team to Help You

Anjum Kasmani


Anjum is an Islamic Will specialist, a lawyer by day and drummer by night. 

Sam Haouchar


Sam is a muslim social impact entrepreneur, and an avid coffee connoisseur. 

Aisha Dani


Aisha is business designer and an islamic history boffin. 

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